Holy Grail Tattoo Lakeland, Florida


3 months ago-
THESE PEOPLE ARE THE BEST!! Lauren gave me one hell of a tattoo. She is the absolute best at what she does! I'm going to get her to complete my sleeve!! I promise getting any of the people at the shop to do your tattoo is the best decision you could possibly make!

Kathryn Jones
3 weeks ago
I had my first tattoo done today by Izic, it was fantastic! The shop is clean and the people are professional, and a lot of fun. I will definitely be going back when I decided to get another tattoo.

Destiny Dowdle
a week ago
I came in an hour before closing after having to put my dog down and wanted a tattoo to remember her by. Izic (@izic86) was nice enough to draw up a beautiful tattoo for me. He was even kind enough to ask the story on my dog and carry on a conversation throughout to make the experience of my first tattoo as relaxing as possible. I will definitely be going back to Holy Grail. Very clean building with very nice staff. Thank you Izic for a beautiful tattoo to remember my beautiful fur baby by.

Stephenie Perez
4 months ago
**originally 4 stars**
I went in for an Industrial piercing , and it came out better than I imagined ! But the only negative comment I have is that the guy who did my piercing , Tassili had a cocky attitude with me . I was nervous about getting the piercing and it looked thicker than I imaged , so instead of him telling me that it's all good , he said "are you going to get it done or not ? I have stuff to do " ,and in a way I appreciated that attitude because it made me react with "yes I am!". So I didn't punk out. Will I go back for another piecing? Definitely, because he did an awesome job !

**review part 2**
I went back to Holy Grail for a second piercing because Tassili did an incredible job the first time I went in . He remembered me and saw my review and he explained to me the reason for him being tough on me and i appreciate that he was that way with me. I didn't get it at first but after he apologized and explained , I got myself liking his work ethics and I will definitely come back to this shop. He is really nice and very professional. I recommend this shop .
Response from the owner4 months ago
Sometimes a stern response in a moment of decision makes it easier to make that decision. It allows no time for fear but just to see what is at the moment. I apologize for the interpretation of "cockiness" was not meant to be translated as such. But I thanks you for being brave and coming in:)

Seth Taranova
a month ago
These guys are awsome finally desided to get my first tattoo and couldn't be more pleased felt very comfortable and was very impressed with the peice I got it was above and beyond what I imagined for what i paid. Awsome work, awsome price, and awsome place thank you Izic and holy grail tattoos I'll be back very soon :)


Dragons Melody
a week ago
I just got my first tattoo done by Izic Woodall. It's beautiful and hold so much meaning. I'm so happy with the way it turned out. He's an amazing artist and him and Tasilli were wonderful to talk to. I plan on getting all future tattoos and piercings there. The decor is amazing, the music is amazing, and the guys are amazing. I highly recommend this shop to anyone looking to get a tattoo and I'm sure as hell going to recommend them to my friends.