Holy Grail Tattoo 

‚ÄčLakeland, Florida

Our piercings begin as much more than a procedure. Our state certified piercer is trained to guide and educate you before, during and after the piercing to keep your mind at ease as well as to eliminate chance of infection. We use aseptic techniques prior to every piercing, including setup and sterilization of tools and jewelry. Along with the skill of our piercer, our acute methods of exercising your piercing procedure will ensure complete safety to modify your life.


Specialty Piercings: Please call for pricing 863.510.5990.


Meet your Piercer

    Traci Miller

Basic piercings include

Navel, most ear ,daith, tregus, lobe, rook, helix,conch, industrial etc. 

navel, nipples, nostril. Oral piercing: medusa, monroe, labret. NO TONGUE< NO SNAKE EYES