Holy Grail Tattoo Gallery was established in the summer of 2014 in a premier location in South Lakeland.  We are a unique tattoo and piercing studio with talented and creative artist that not only tattoo, but also explore other mediums of art.  Our Studio houses an art gallery that enables local artists to display and promote their work.  Holy Grail takes pride in being a state inspected, meticulously clean environment offering friendly, professional and custom service.  It is our goal to educate all clients regarding tattoo and piercing procedures.

Company Profile


Holy Grail Tattoo 

Lakeland, Florida

Holy Grail Tattoos LLC


Founded: 2014

Owner: Tassili Ledezma


Fine line and true. Stand the test of time.

Our tattoos are built to last. By using premium quality pigments and the best equipment, we make sure our tattoos stand the test of time for years to come, regardless of style. Our team is well versed in many styles ranging from traditional to realism and anything in between. We strive to keep our skills as sharp as our line work. Brilliant color, crisp lines, and deep contrast set our work apart.